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In 1962, the Czwaluk Group was founded in Vechta. Since, it has been a competent provider of numerous services and products for the crude oil and natural gas industry, the chemical, plastic, agricultural, and food sector as well as for the tooling industry in Germany and other European countries.

Interconnectedness is a significant characteristic of all services and products of the Group of companies. Services are offered always in coordination with our affiliated companies and therefore are from one single source. In addition, this system allows short information channels between the various trades, high synergies in the process, and attractive conditions in providing the service and in production. The many years of experience as main contractor in the crude oil and natural gas industry says a great deal about the benefits of this concept.

The service portfolio of our Group of companies includes servicing of industrial facilities, development, planning, and construction of such facilities as well as anything from plant components and machinery to pipeline services, maintenance, and repairs of fittings to the production of parts/machines and spare parts as well as industrial services such as insulating, scaffolding construction, and corrosion protection.