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"The pricipal objective of the Czwaluk-Group is a top-quality order processing, timely and accident free and in trustful collaboration with the customer [SGU manual, 2001]."

Policy Statement

Just like we pay heed to meet the requirements of product quality to the satisfaction of our clients on a day-to-day basis, we must also ensure through common action that we avoid accidents and occupational illness by dint of safe modes of operation and thus neither we nor our fellow human beings suffer any injury to helyth, that we avoid property damage and see to it that our environment is effectively protected.


Occupational Safety and Health Protection

In the area of occupational safety and health protection, there are customized solutions for every type of contract and we integrate these into the operational safety management.

This assures a complete care of employees and customers within the framework of occupational safety and health protection.

Hazardous Materials

The hazardous material management of the Czwaluk Group is integrated into the operational safety management. We utilize a information system  to manage hazardous materials. This information system provide a detailed overview of all hazardous materials used in the company as well as an overview of the entire process chain from procurement to disposal.